Ah, ... Wednesday

I bought this little DIY camera - it's called a "Bigshot".  If you take the time to click here, you can take a short side trip to the site that shows you the camera and what it's all about.  They do a MUCH better job of describing what it does than I do.  Meantime - below are the first pictures I've taken with this little point&shoot.  This is a fixed lens camera so there's no focus to worry about - and there's no aperture, either - the system seems to be ISO 400 and it varies the shutter speed in order to handle the lighting.  There IS a weakish LED flash - similar to what you have on a cell phone - and the camera will hold about 120 shots.

I should really know better than to take a selfie in a mirror - camera shake fuzzied this one up a bit. (the one above)

 And this one isn't a whole lot better.  Not enough light, really - but the camera was steadier.

Purchases of this camera (in North America) will support the effort to get these kits into the hands of underprivileged kids all over the world.  They will learn about Science, and Art - and Photography, by building these kits and using the resulting camera.  Just like I did.  I am, after all, a kid, too.



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Looking good, Lou!

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