Monday Meanders

The Cubs swept the Giants, over the weekend.  6 and 4 on the West Coast swing.  The Cubs have quietly played .500 ball since the end of May.  Should they continue in that fashion, they COULD end the year at 77 - 84, which would mean they'd have played the season to a record 17 games BETTER than last season.  Should they better their record for THIS season by an equal amount next year, they'd have a record which could well put them in the playoffs.  So sayeth the ever optimistic life long Cubs fan.

The U.S. National Soccer Team won the Concacaf Gold Cup, yesterday.  Their 10 game winning streak in all games (Gold Cup, World Cup and Friendlies) is the most the National Team has ever experienced.  Next target for the team?  The 2014 FIFA World Cup.

My sons played soccer.  Because of their involvement, I got involved with the Soccer Association in town and eventually became a member of the board.  And when my sons had grown beyond involvement in their programs, I stayed on and became a FIFA referee, and as such, I grew a special appreciation for the game.  A winning run of 10 games in soccer is amazing.  When you consider that the National Team consists of players who play for Soccer Clubs from all over the world and who come together to play only occasionally, who practice together only occasionally, the winning streak is even more amazing.

Soccer players are among the fittest athletes in the world.  When you watch a game, consider that of the 22 players on the pitch, at least 16 of them will play the whole 90 minutes.

BlogHer was this past weekend.  I wanted to go downtown and hang out at The Sheraton and just greet people and say "Hey!".  And for the life of me, I don't know why I didn't.



HalfAsstic.com said...

Honey, for the life of me, I don't either. I got out of this thing a while ago and wish I hadn't. I know I could get back in sometimes, but feel like I have too little to offer. The problem is, I feel like it sporadically, but then I lose steam.

I am always uplifted by your new posts, though.

Tara R. said...

We watched the soccer game and I was exceptional glad the men's team didn't wear their Waldo uniforms.