100 Word Challenge - Wild Horse

What follows is offered in response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge. The challenge, this week, is "Wild Horse".

100 Word Challenge 


"Paw, I don' know what we're gonna do with that boy", she said.  "That's the fourth time this week the phone has rung our ring an' it's been some girls' mother complaining 'bout Leon."

"Don' worry 'bout the boy, Opal.  He's jus' a wild horse among the mares, that's all.  He'll tire out soon enough, or one o' those fillies will rope him in and then he's done fer."

"But what kinda example is he settin' for his brothers?  It ain't gonna be that long before the younguns are out there right behind him."

"Then somebody best rope him.  Quick."



Tara R. said...

Either rope him in, or drag him behind that wild horse. Great dialogue. You write dialect so well.