100 Word Challenge - Rework

What follows is offered in response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge. The challenge, this week, is "Rework".

100 Word Challenge 

The Book

"So.   How's the book coming, Kirby?"

Kirby and Nan were meeting for lunch at the little outdoor cafe around the corner from his flat.

"Fine, I guess.  I'm in the middle of my fourth rewrite.  I'll get there one of these days."

"I don't understand your compulsion to constantly rework what you write.  I read your first draft and it was GREAT.  So are the rewrites.  I think you should quit while you're ahead."

"Nan, stop picking on me.  I know you like it - but I have to like it.  No.  LOVE it ...  before anyone else ever sees the book."



Tara R. said...

And there's the rub. We can't satisfy everyone, so maybe we should work to satisfy ourselves.

Big Mark 243 said...

...ever the artist's harshest critic... himself...

Velvet Verbosity said...

The thing is, he'll never be fully satisfied, right? ;) It's like the painter who just has to keep adding one more stroke.

barbara said...

there comes a time . . . when we have to just let it fly.