Word for Wednesday - Summer

It is now just a few short days before the Summer Solstice - the start of Summer and the longest day of the year.

It's the signal for Mother Nature to turn off the air conditioner and crank up the furnace.

We want sweat and sunglasses and white floppy hats to shade our overheated heads.

We want summer.  We do NOT want to wake up to temps in the mid 50's.

When I leave a bag of Twizzlers in the car, by accident, I want to come out and find them MELTED.

It's too damn cold.  It makes me grumpy.

I don't like being grumpy.

Of course, when it does get to be 90 degrees in the morning, I'll complain.



Britt said...

Oh I won't complain. I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for it to be hot. I'm so tired of the cold and rain. Granted the South does need a good cold winter to kill off all the super-bugs (sickness not actual bugs, although we do have a lot of those as well) that we're breeding, but that can wait until Winter. For now, bring on the heat!