Word for Wednesday - Stoked

I have played at golf for more that 42 years.  I took up the game at age 25, although I don't think I've ever played more than a dozen rounds in a year.  Not having really played and/or practiced with the diligence necessary to actually build skills in the game, I rather stink at golf.  And I stink worst at getting off the tee.

I have played several different brands of clubs, over the years.  Everything from sets purchased at thrift shops to custom made clubs for which I was fitted.  I'm not sure those were the best clubs, but they were made for me.

I have never had any real success hitting any set of clubs.  I am something of a hacker - although I believe I may have aged enough to have earned the appellation "Duffer".

Last week I purchased a club - a Tour Edge 6 Iron-Wood.  An hybrid.  It was a "risk free" offer via email - if I don't like the club, I can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

They'll have to pry that club from my cold, dead, hands.

I have never had a club so easy to hit - high and straight.  Consistently.  Ball marks smack in the middle of the club face.  Consistently.  I hit it farther than I can hit my 5 iron.

I may actually get better at the game.