Word For Wednesday - Sex

Yep.  S. E. X.

And to be specific, Cunnilingus.  Known also as Oral Sex (Female).  As opposed to Fellatio, which is Oral Sex (Male).

Apparently, Cunnilingus and Fellatio are delivery mechanisms for HPV - Human Pappillomavirus - a virus known to cause some types of cancer.  Like Cervical Cancer in women.  Like cancers of the mouth and/or throat in men.

There has been a rise, in recent years, in oral cancers in young men in this country.  Michael Douglas, whether he was being strictly truthful in his description of the cause of his throat cancer or not, has done a great deal to raise the awareness among our young, of the risks they face with all these new sexual practices they think they invented.  Like Oral Sex.  Which, thanks to President Clinton, can be argued to "Not be Sexual Relations".   It's like they were given a card that says "Get Oral Sex Free" - like the "Get Out of Jail Free" card in Monopoly.

(How come we didn't have those when I was a teenager?) (Or as an adult, as far as that's concerned.)


I truly believe the ghost of the 60s has come back to haunt all of us who lived through those free love (I never got ANY "Free Love") years, those drug enhanced stoner years (I never got stoned, either), those years of Protest and Woodstock and all of that.  All that's left is the IMAGE of those years, the ghostly reflection of what was a gritty and sometimes bitter reality.  And none of that bitter and grit seems to have survived in the reflection - it all just looks like fun from this vantage point - and the young of today have got the wrong idea.  The Sex wasn't free - it came as a reaction to liberation.  It came as oppression and oppressive policies were blown away by an awakening body politic, and the sudden freedom was explored and exploited - sometimes to excess.  But our young don't see all that.  They imitate our reflection - what they CAN see of what we did - minus the grit.

And one by one some of them are discovering that there are subtle penalties to pay for all that freedom.  Had they been informed, or at least careful, it's penalties that they should never have had to pay.

Thank Michael Douglas for informing our young how to save their lives with a voice they can actually hear and understand - unlike a Parent or Teacher, who can talk til they're blue in the face and it goes in one ear and out the other.

Thank You, Michael.  You've done more that I EVER could.



Big Mark 243 said...

I disagree with your point on the fallout of the free love in the 60's being a precursor to the problems with sexually communicated diseases...

Clearly, the clash between the Puritanical and Religious Fundamentalists that stressing disinformation and ignorance over information. This is was makes Michael Douglas' revelation even more important. He has changed the paradigm, IMO, as there are risk involved in oral sex that has long been ignored for MEN...

... I think that eventually you will see a change in how society approaches sexuality and it will become normalized instead of demonized, and discussion will be more frank, resulting in better education about sex and relationships in general...

Tara R. said...

My knee jerk reaction to this news report was that Douglas was even more of a jerk for throwing his wife under the bus. But, reading your reaction, I can cede your point that more needs to be said about HPV. Sadly, all I've read about this is the salacious details and not what HPV is, how it's contracted and transmitted. Or that there is a vaccine which is recommended for all incoming college freshmen. If Douglas can get the conversation started, then I suppose his comments were a good thing.