Oh, Butt, Sore

Not too long ago I bought a pair of those padded spanx one often sees bicyclists wearing.  They do, after all, make long distance riding far more tolerable.


I believe I may not have spent enough money.  Or maybe the nether reaches of my derriere are just too sensitive for their own good.  And maybe I just need to ride more - to ride farther - so as to toughen all that up. 

Meantime, just call me Old Bumpy Butt.

Have a good weekend.  Get out and ride.  It's the first day of JUNE!!!



Collette Palmer said...

I believe everything will be fine after a while of riding. Till then, find a very thick & cushy pillow :)
Happy June, my friend!

Myst_72 said...

:) Bumpy Butt hahaha! xx