Monday Meanders

LTYM was yesterday.  This year's cast was great - and included Tracey and Melisa, the producers.  I feel so proud to be part of the group of people that have performed in Listen To Your Mother.

Ann Imig, the woman whose brainchild LYTM is, was in attendance as well.    There were Hundreds of people in the audience - it was good to see the show so well attended.

The Baked Mac & Cheese at "The Diag" (2850 N. Southport, Chicago) is really, really, good.  And, like any really good sports bar, TVs are EVERYWHERE.

Bulls won and proceed to the second round.  Blackhawks lost but they lead in their series.  Cubs just lost.

Yesterday was such a nice day - a quick 10 miles on the bicycle in the morning and then a quick bit of housework and then off to LYTM.  Ah.  A day well spent.