LYTM 2013

Tomorrow evening, I will be attending an event that has been months in the planning - more than a year if you consider that tomorrow's event began in the months running up to last year's show, "Listen to Your Mother, 2012, Chicago".  Tracey and Melisa have been working on  this year's shown ever since the lights went out on the last one.

Those of us from last year's show will be in the audience.  We will be there to welcome our new members to our club - those who have gotten up on a stage and spoken their piece about Mom, or Motherhood.

This year's cast is all women.  Last year, I was the only man in the cast - I need to be there to remind all of the cast members that men have mothers, too: that men have stories about their mothers that have worth and meaning.  And maybe, by being there, I can encourage other men to audition when the call goes out for new cast members.  For new stories.  From a man's perspective.