Tiw's Day

Tiw - the Norse God of single combat, victory and heroic effort, and the namesake of Tuesday.  I know.  It doesn't make a lot of sense, but considering that the word is WELL over a thousand years old, and spelling has evolved greatly during that time (another spelling of his name is Tir), it's actually surprising that the word has remained as stable as it has.


On this particular Tuesday, understanding that it will be a while before matters, which must remain relatively private, for now, can be discussed here, I guess I have to find something else to talk about.


I posted on Facebook, yesterday, how disgruntled I am with the planned obsolescence of mobile technology by companies like Samsung and LG.  As new releases of Android come to the fore, they're found in the latest equipment, and in order to avail yourself of the advances in software you have to buy into that "latest equipment", rather than upgrade the software in your current device.

Doesn't happen ALL the time like that - just most.

The thing is the whole thing is driven by corporate bottom lines - and has nothing to do with any sort of consideration for the customer, who has to pay for this stuff, or for Mother Earth, whose rare minerals are mined and exploited by those corporations with those bottom lines.

It's a shame.  Really.



Big Mark 243 said...

... I always thought it was spelled "Tyr"... don't know where I picked that up from...

... as far as your recent squall... I think that reports should go only to appropriate agents, those with a FYEO clearance... it is rare that open discussion about the integrity of a relationship brings about positive consequences... I know that I was not making open discussion about Mookie Dee because we were moving forward together...

I think that man in general and collectively is the one thing that for sure is "out of nature"... meaning that our species does not "fit" comfortably within the organism of the planet... so it is not surprising that in pursuit of imagined wealth that it would come at the expense of real wealth... the minerals and health of the planet...