Super Storm Tuesday

Today is the day of the Super Storm - which is late arriving.


Do you suppose Mother Nature didn't get the memo?

It was supposed to start at 3am.  At 6am, it was barely wet on the roads.

I bet all those schools that closed for today are shaking in their boots and praying that Big Mama Nature cuts loose because if she doesn't, they're going to look mighty foolish.

Why, when I was a kid school went on no matter what and we walked through snow over our heads, uphill, both ways with 14 brown paper wrapped books in our arms.  And a handkerchief to wipe our noses which were always running because the wind was always in our faces.

Yeah.  That's the ticket.

And thank you, Jon Lovitz.



Julie said...

Did it start? Cause here in Rockford at 730 am it was snowing pretty good. Any bare patches were already covered and visibility is down to maybe a quarter mile.

I loved blizzards when I was a kid.

Tara R. said...

I hope the storm is all hype and you get barely a flake of snow.