100 Word Challenge - Tuck

What follows is offered in response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge. The challenge, this week, is "Tuck".

100 Word Challenge 

"Daddy, tuck me in ... tell me a story?"

"Sure, baby.  Get in bed ... under the covers."

She got into bed and he drew up the chair, tucked the covers around her.

"Okay. Close your eyes and listen ...

Listen, my child, and I'll tell you a rhyme
of long ago places and a far away time
A poem of Princes and Wizards and Kings
Who fought mighty Dragons and wore Magic Rings
      And ruled with an Iron Hand"

"No, not that one Daddy - it's too short.  You always finish before I go to sleep."

"Stop talking, Little Chatterbox, and you'll sleep."


Now that the 100 Words are in place, I thought you might like the rest of the poem.  I wrote this about 28 years ago, for my son, when he graduated to his "Big Boy" bed.  I published this on my blog in September of 2008.

A Lullaby

Listen my child
and I'll tell you a rhyme
of long ago places
and a far away time

A poem of princes
and wizards and kings
who fought mighty dragons
and wore magic rings

and ruled with an iron hand.

Listen my child
and then off to sleep
and as you lie
in slumber deep

dream dreams of the tales
I tell to you
If you dream hard enough
they may come true

and wouldn't that be grand.

Listen my child
as I tell you my tale
Of knights errant
in shining mail

But, alas, I guess
my rhymes will keep
for I see you are
already asleep.

Good night, my child,
Sweet dreams, my child,
of your own.


Big Mark 243 said...

...both of these are wonderful pieces... the 100 Words makes me think of something that a 'lil Scout' would have said Atticus as he put her to bed..!

Tara R. said...

This was wonderful, Lou. And, brought back so many great memories of when my kids were little and I read to them at bedtime.

Kir said...

oh I loved your poem, loved how it reminds of me bedtime right now in my house and gives me that HAPPY HOPE that my memories are just as sweet years and years from now.

thanks for the smile.

Bo said...

This really captured a father's perfect love. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about my husband's love for my girls. Beautiful.

barbara said...

beautiful, Lou. Thank you for sharing.

Carrie said...

Fantastic. Love the poem :)