No Words

This would normally  be the day I respond to the "100 Word Challenge" but, as luck would have it, the challenge word this week, "Surviving", kept leading me to places I didn't really want to go.

Not here.

Not on my blog.

If we were sitting together talking, over coffee, maybe I'd explore that subject with you - maybe I'd let my mind go and wander into the areas it wants to - prompted by that word.

But not here.

Not on my blog.

So, I will keep it light.  I will wait to see what challenge is issued next week and let the word take me wherever my mind wants to go and I'll publish the results.

Right here.

On my blog.



Kir said...

you know I'd love to sit with you and have you talk to me about that word..to sip slowly and discuss, not talk.

I am sorry that it took you to bad places, that word, but I am here saying I'd listen to every word.

Big Mark 243 said...

So would I, Lou... so would I...

Tara R. said...

I would join that group hug too, friend.