Monday Meanders

This whole "Weekends Off For February" is HARD.  I keep having to remind myself to NOT blog.  I can't wait until February is over.  Seriously.

I watched a program last night in which Steven Hawking declared that time travel to the past will be impossible.  I agree.  But I agree for a very different reason.  Radiation problems and wormhole stability issues notwithstanding, the biggest reason we will never be able to move to the past has to do with location - each event that has ever occurred is tied to the physical location is space and time where the event took place.  Anything you did 5 minutes ago is not only removed in time, but the physical location of the event is thousands of miles away given the rotation of the earth, the motion of the earth in its orbit around the sun, the greater motion of the solar system around the galactic center, and the million mile an hour rush of the galaxy toward the Virgo cluster.  So just where did that happen and how on earth would you ever find your way back there?

The cold air is coming back, today.  Brrr.

The Blackhawks won again.  They have not, in 12 games, been defeated in regulation time.  10-0-2.  Wow.

Find an old friend and give that old friend a hug, and never, ever, let friends drift away.  They are WAY too hard to find.



Tara R. said...

Apparently the blogging hiatus has given you time for some very deep thinking... I like it.

Jientje said...

Good friends ARE way to hard to find. You are one of them.