Monday Meanders

What a weekend!!!

First - I took the weekend off - the first two days taken off from blogging since January 1st, 2008.  I plan to do that for the month of February.  I'm not so sure I can actually do that, now that I have one weekend under my belt.  It was HARD.  The reason for doing (taking weekends off for February) that was in response to the anniversary of the passing of Vikki North on January 31st of last year.  I need to get back to taking pictures and making paintings - and I need to find better ways to spend my time, on weekends, so I get back to serious pursuit of the things I love to do - Write, Photograph and Paint.  In fact, evenings could come into that play, as well.  But in any case, I felt I needed to do something to honor a memory I truly treasure - that of Vikki North.  She is sorely missed.

Second - I wound up spending Saturday evening with LM(Love Muffin) at the E/R.  Her symptoms led us to believe it might be something serious.  Thankfully, it was something transient.  But we wuz scared, there, for a while.  Yup.  We wuz.  But we ain't no mo'.

Third - Phil led the "Waste Management" at TPC Scottsdale wire to wire.  If he can keep playing golf like that, this year, he's going to be tough to beat no matter where he plays.  What was so "not Phil" was the control he demonstrated of his irons.  That, and his new Driver, from Callaway.  That club made a HUGE difference in his game.

Fourth - The Ravens won the Super Bowl.  Not that I had any skin in the game, but I wanted San Fran to win - because of Jim Harbaugh, their coach, a former Chicago Bears' quarterback.  I like his hard-nosed style of play, and I like the kid they have playing quarterback - Colin Kaepernick.  The Cubs drafted him as a pitcher - he definitely has a high caliber arm.  But he stayed with football.  It's hard to call that a mistake.  The 'Niners' are going to be back, in that game, as long as Colin is behind the wheel at quarterback.

Have a good Monday.



Tara R. said...

You had an eventful weekend. Glad that Annie is okay, any ER trip can be unnerving.

I saw Kaepernick's pre-game interview, he seems like a cool young man. I can see a great football future ahead of him.