Slightly Wordy Wednesday

Only slightly wordy.  Promise.

What do you say, what CAN you say, to Politicians whose reason for assuming a stance on policy has to do with re-election?

The GOP has suddenly (sudden in relation to the last several years, anyway) decided to play ball.  Suddenly, there is a deal in the Senate regarding Immigration - something the President wanted since the first day of his FIRST term.  But it's here.  Now.

But.  Why?

Simply put (by Senator John McCain, whom I will paraphrase), the GOP, sensing the mood of the country, realizes that unless they start responding to the will of the people, "We're not going to win many elections".

Notice that the reasoning is "elections".

Notice that the reasoning is NOT "The right thing to do".

I suppose the American people should look at this as a minor victory - the GOP has finally reacted to the anger and frustration of The People over the stalemate in Congress that has existed ever since the GOP took control of The House.  And reacted in a positive manner.

But they still don't get it.  They still don't understand that we, the people, want proper governance by Congress - we want people in power to exercise that power for the good of the people.

We don't want you, Senator McCain, to be so concerned about "The Party" and "Reelection" as we want you to know and understand what is good, proper and best for the people - ALL the people.

Not just Republicans.