100 Word Challenge - Redhead

What follows is offered in response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge. The challenge, this week, is "Redhead".

Haiku Friday 

The Woman

She seemed to move in slow motion, while the rest of the world was a frantic buzz all around her.

When you saw her, you were mesmerized by the slow roll of her hips, the bounce of her hair, the tantalizing sway of her breasts.

And you just stared.

Heads turned.  Men smiled and women swatted their husbands.

And she was completely unmoved by what went on around her.

The blind guy at the corner newsstand knew she was coming.  Every day.  Same time.

He had her paper ready.  He thought, "Damn, but I love me a good smellin' Redhead."



Anonymous said...

Well done - I wonder how the blind guy knew the color of hair . . .

Bo said...

very nice! There's nothing like a red head. I should know. There's red somewhere under my blonde!

Tara R. said...

I think most redheads would tell you that a blind man indeed can 'sense' when they are near.

Jazzbumpa said...

I like it.


barbara said...

*wonders if LM is a redhead? :)

I love this, Lou. Very much

Kir said...

back in 1999 when I saw "THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR" with Pierce Brosnan (sigh) I fell in love with Renee as a redhead. I loved her outfits, but I also loved that mane of red hair.

I went out that weekend and came back, all strawberry blonde and feeling SEXY, MATURE and Unstoppable for weeks. I left my boyfriend, took this job, moved and kept my hair color for another year.

it was EMPOWERING, that color.

(however, I'd still like to think that i have that power as a blonde, men still look at me you know. ;)