Saturday Politics

I think that, for the next few Saturdays, I'm going to explore my mind and look to it's view of Politics.  Not so much who's right or who's wrong, but more an examination of Theory - what a Republican or Democrat is - or should be - and compare the current look and feel of both parties to what theory says they SHOULD be.

First, I wish to look into the Republican Party and their current posture.

The week after, I will look into the Democrats.

The week after that, I will look into the ideas of the Founders, the Framers of the Constitution, and how their ideas differ from what we experience today.

Given that I am a student of the Body Politic, and by no means an expert, I am probably going to look at all of this far too simply, and I even may make mistakes in perception.

But they will be MY mistakes - honest mistakes - made not from a desire to mislead, but from an inability to see all sides and every angle of every argument.




Big Mark 243 said...

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. It should be the start of an interesting dialogue...