Saturday Politics, Republicans

Last Saturday, I laid out plans for the next few Saturday posts with a promise to examine Republicans first.

There are as many definitions of "Republic" and "Republican" as there are countries with elected governments.  So OUR definition of Republican is just a true and accurate as anyone else's.  To wit: Republicans believe in "small" Government, low taxes, and freedom from government interference in daily life except where there may be a danger to the Republic.  The government is responsible for the conduct of foreign affairs, and state's rights and personal responsibility are very important.

In recent times, radicals within the Republican Party have begun to work for the elimination of the welfare state.  The move to lower taxes is made to "starve the beast" - reduced revenues are meant to cause cutbacks in welfare programs and have little or nothing to do with fiscal conservatism.

With the election of Barack Obama the Republican party adopted the posture of Parliamentary Party in Opposition - in which the Party acted as one against any proposal by the Democrats.  I believe that this was motivated by an unspoken racism rampant in the Republican Party.  The problem presented by this action was to lock the Congress into a stalemate - the art of Compromise having been foregone for the expression of racist hatred of the man in the White House..

Next week, Democrats.