Monday Meanders

There is an advantage to doing my posts so that they publish at 12:01am - if something untoward happens (like Blogger eating my pithy and well thought out missive) there's always an opportunity to rectify the situation first thing in the morning.

Like now.

Bears lost.  Phooey.  Now the Packers are tied with them, again, for the lead in the division.  Double phooey.

Cubs are flying somewhat under the radar (and I don't think they're going to do much at this week's Winter Meetings) but they are quietly building a much sounder team for the 2013 campaign - one that will win more games than the team of last season.  Pitching is the big need - like everyone.  And 3rd Base.  That said, they are quietly building a solid (but not necessarily outstanding) starting staff and they have reinforced the bullpen.  Look for them to do well  - perhaps a .500 team?

All I have to say is:  Bah.  Humbug.  It's not that I am some anti-Christmas curmudgeon, but nothing of what I have seen, lately, is anything like my idea of "Christmas Spirit".

That said, may the Christmas Spirit find you, touch you, and keep you warm and safe through the heart of the Holidays.



Anonymous said...

The spirit will grace me tomorrow when I pick up your Annie at the airport!