Monday Meanders

This was the "Lost Weekend".  Sick.  All weekend long.  I should get a 'do over'.

Bears lost.  Phooey.  Now the Cheeseheads are tied with them for 1st place in the division.  Double-phooey.

I wonder how many more times, between now and Christmas, I'm going to have to watch one of the many versions "Frosty the Snowman".

Bah.  Humbug.

It's not that I'm against Christmas - it's just that my idea of the Christmas Spirit and everybody else's (at least those with something to sell) is quite different.

I love my new Galaxy SIII which I got for $.96.  That's right.  96 cents.  Sam's Club had a deal and Best Buy price matched - and all because the new CEO of US Cellular decided to sell off the Chicago and St. Louis markets to Sprint.  We had been loyal US Cellular customers for years - we feel like we were sold down the river.  So now were are Verizon.  And I have a new Galaxy S III.

Don't tell anyone, but the Chicago Cubs have been quietly nailing together a solid pitching staff and as they do, they're positioning themselves for a much better finish in the coming season.  It all starts with pitching and defense - defensively, they are solid up the middle and to the right, they're weak, however, to the left - in the outfield and at third base.  Third base will get fixed - but Soriano is a liability in Left Field and will remain so through the year.

May the true Spirit of Christmas find you, touch you, and keep you warm and safe in the Heart of the Season. 



Tara R. said...

Definitely a 'do-over.' Hope you're feeling better.