Monday Meanders

The reconstruction  of the family room continues slowly - so the rest of the house continues to look like its occupants are hobos.  The GOOD thing about all this, of course, is that I am reclaiming things I have not seen or played with in some time.  For example, I ran across a set of plastic naked lady golf tees.  Next time out?  I'm playing them.

We attended a party at my sister-in-law's home on Saturday - given in honor of my lovely niece's graduation from college.  Her graduation was delayed until now in order for her to complete an internship.  So if any of you need a good "Music Therapist", just let me know.

Today is Labor Day - a day off from one job but another day devoted to the lengthy list of "honey do's" and family room work.  Oy.



PattiKen said...

Naked lady tees... well, that beats the Tabasco suspenders I found in my big clean-out.

Tara R. said...

It's fun to find old treasures. I bet your golf game picks up with the new tees.