Monday Meanders

After a week of meandering around Daytona Beach, there isn't much to say, at the moment.  The CUBS keep losing.  Wait 'til NEXT year.  Work today - and after a week off, it will take a day or two to get my butt back into the swing of things.

I have a million pictures to go through - well, it only seems like a million.  I took over three hundred shots during the week - and a bunch of those were taken while in a 3 hour trip on a sail boat out into the Atlantic.  And that trip was taken on a Blue Water boat, i.e., one that could have taken us all the way to Europe or Africa.  And no, my name is not Gilligan.

We drove home from Daytona in a day.  We left at 6am Central Time on Saturday and got home at 1am Sunday.  We stopped a lot and ate a lot and still made it home safely and without killing each other.

I lost 10 pounds while on vacation.  It just involved saying "No" a lot.  That said, I pretty much ate and drank as I pleased - I didn't OVEREAT and I stayed away from sweets.

As I get through the pictures I will start publishing them on my blog - and on Facebook through the networked Blogs thing, and I plan to start publishing photos on Google+, as well.

Oh.  Any by the way.  LM(Love Muffin) got knocked down by a wave and hurt her knee.  We'll know just how much damage there is on Tuesday.  And I am dealing with tennis or golf elbow.



Big Mark 243 said...

You know I always thought that if you did not come back from a vacay without a few bumps and bruises, they you did not really have a vactation!

Hope that LM knee is not bad and that she does not have to miss a lot of practice time. Won't be long before the games are for real and the Bears need all the support they can get! :0)

Tara R. said...

Other than the bully wave, I hope you and LM had a fun and restful trip. I'm looking forward to your pix.

For future reference, if you all stay on the Gulf Coast, you can cut a good 7-8 hours off your drive time... just sayin'

PurpleMoose said...

hope knee and elbow heal up quickly.

Welcome home.

Mrs4444 said...

Goodness, you're falling apart, the two of you! Good thing you have each other to lean on :)

Oh, and good job on the moderation thing--I'm impressed!