It's a Sunday. Sit Down.

Cubs win game 2 of the Double Header, yesterday.

Bears won last night.  Close one, and it doesn't count.  But they looked really solid in the first quarter and a half - when the starters were in.

We are re-arranging our home.  Grannie is injured and in the Rehabilitation Center (I was going to say "Rehab", but these days that word has a whole different connotation) and when she comes home, we will need to do what we can to eliminate stairs in her day to day.  So we, again, rearrange the whole house.  And, of course, through all of this LM(Love Muffin) has a bum knee - and no matter how hard you might try, you can't make her sit.

What am I supposed to do?



Julie said...

Duct tape?