Quicker, Faster, Better

No.  Not me.  The "Coot Scoot".  Today I order the best variator there is for my scoot, from the knowledgeable people at Kid N Me Parts - the only place where this particular piece can be purchased.

The Coot Scoot will have better torque at takeoff and a higher top end - which means I can get a heavier load moving and once moving, there'll be less chance of getting run over on the Interstate.  Not that I really need to get a heavier load moving ... I don't carry anyone on the scoot but me - I don't carry an extra helmet and no one rides my scoot without one.  But if I can move a heavier load, it also means I can move the current load (Me) away from a standing start quicker.

And it's always good to get away quicker. (you know .. angry husbands and all that.  The hope is to be out of range before he finds his gun.)

In case anyone might be considering a scooter, let me pass along a fact or two.  My scoot burns Premium gas.  I don't know if that's true of all scooters - but it is true of mine.  But I get, on the average - in mixed highway and street travel - 75 miles per gallon.  The premium price paid for Premium gas is a non factor when you consider that the best I can do in my car (Saturn Vue, 6 cyl.) is 25 miles per gallon in that same mixed driving.  My scoot has a 250cc engine - the minimum for Interstate traveling.

The scooter needs more maintenance than my car.  I change oil every 1000 miles - and miles pile up quicker than you think they might.  And things wear quicker on a scooter than on a car - or a motorcycle, for than matter, so they will be replaced more frequently.  Spark plugs and belts and brake pads.  They're smaller - they wear quicker.  But they ARE, in fact, simpler to work on.

Things shake loose on a scooter.  There's a lot of vibration - it is, after all, a one cylinder vehicle and one cylinder engines vibrate like the dickens - especially at idle.  Doing 70mph down the highway?  Not so much.  You will get used to it, but you need to keep an eye on things that might come loose.  A maintenance and inspection schedule is a really good idea.

I placed my variator order with Kid N Me Parts (they're in Maryland - just click on the link up above) during lunch and the order shipped less than 2 hours later.  THAT'S speedy.

See you down the road.  Try not to run me over.  :)



Big Mark 243 said...

Looking at a Yamaha Moped... they are street legal and you do not need a license to drive. Though Omaha is an urban city, there are plenty of scenic low traffic routes for me to get from A to B in better time than on my bike. Still thinking on it though.

I will keep Kid n Me parts in mind when stuff goes wonkish on me..!

Tara R. said...

As little driving that I do around our small town, a scooter would be great. Maybe I can talk the Mister into one for my birthday?

Life with Kaishon said...

I think that it is very smart of you to utilize this vehicle option!