Monday Meanders

My, my, my.  What a productive weekend.

Mowed that lawn.  I know it's a drought.  But it's rained just a bit lately, enough to begin to change the shade of brown the grass has gotten to, and I am concerned that one day I'll come home from work to find the grass has ambushed the house and locked everyone inside.

Fixed #2 Son's bicycle.  I noticed that when he rides he wasn't getting proper leg extension, so I raised his seat.  Of course, that changed his position - forced him onto his arms and shoulders and made him uncomfortable.  So, off to the parts store to purchase an extension for his threadless headset, and then install it on his bike.

Tested the hookup on the Thule bike rack and learned how to hang different type of bikes on it.  You might not think so, but many types of bikes don't easily hang on an auto bike rack.  Practice makes perfect.

Assembled the trailer hitch cargo basket and tested attaching it to the hitch on the back of the van.  We travel to Florida on Friday, by car, and the luggage will be in that basket.  500 pound capacity.  I think we may (I HOPE we may) have over-engineered.

I hung a lamp on the wall in the sub-basement.  It's dark down there.  well, not now - not with the light on.  :)



Tara R. said...

Well, weren't you the busy bee. I need some of that energy around here. You and LM have a safe trip to the Sunshine State.

Eric S. said...

you were certainly busy this weekend. I wish I could sat the same. Does washing the truck and polishing all the crome COUNT?

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Buzz buzz buzz!

Big Mark 243 said...

The great American family road trip!! Safe travels!!