Monday Meanders

 I was downtown today.  It was a lovely, sunny, and warm.  There is little that's like a nice day in downtown Chicago.

Are you interested in losing weight?  Do you like coffee?  Try this at Dairy Queen - an Iced Decaf made with Skim and Double Blueberry.  It's surprisingly good.

If you have wireless in your home, and you have spots in your home which seem to have issues with signal strength, consider adding a second wireless device as a BRIDGE that will feed signal into your weaker areas.  If you need guidance, email me at lou DOT lohman@gmail.com.  I'll be glad to help.

About bikes - this is, finally, bicycling season.  Full swing, now.  Should you be considering the purchase of a new bike, GO TO A BIKE SHOP.  Being fit for a bike is as important as being properly fit for new shoes.  It may cost a bit more at a bike shop, but you'll get SO much more out of your bike if it's comfortable to ride - PLUS most bike shops will tune a bike that's been purchased there, and some will do free annual checkups.

Ride Safe, Ride Aware, Ride Away.



Emily/Randomability said...

the only thing I would add to bike riding is don't have earbuds/headphones in while riding. Ride alert! Like driving, don't ride and text. I've seen people do it before.

Emily/Randomability said...

PS: I wish that I had gone to one of the local bike shops to buy my bike instead of Target. :/

Big Mark 243 said...

Emily, there is nothing wrong with an inexpensive bike from a retailer. I do think that you need to treat it the same as if it cost a bunch. Many people treat such bikes casually and they get the kind of performance out that is commensurate to the care and maintenance they put into the bike.

That said, I bought a Trek! Because Madison has a factory guarantee, the broken axle is a gratis repair!!

When it comes to wireless, I am good in my apartment but I wish I could bridge the signal to the dayroom on the first floor. Now that would be cool!!

Emily/Randomability said...

True, Big Mark. I am also a very casual rider, so it works for me. I did (for whatever reason) bought a mountain bike. WTH was I thinking? I did swap out the tires for road tires.