It's Gene Autrey time ...

That is to say, "I'm back in the saddle, again."  The Coot Scoot is back together and running great.  I felt so good, being able to ride and all, I mowed the lawn.

The Cubs.  Ouch.

It was really too bad that 'I'll Have Another' was unable to run in the Belmont Stakes.  I think that horse stood an excellent chance of becoming the first Triple Crown winner since 1978 (Affirmed).  The horse racing industry - especially here in Illinois - is in trouble.  It needs a hero, it needs someone or something to grab public attention, create interest, and draw people back to the track.  "I'll Have Another" could have been a start.  But we'll never know.



Tara R. said...

"Gitme up" and "move 'em out" and "yee-haw!" Glad you've got Scoot back and out on the road again.

Big Mark 243 said...

But I read about the sketchy people behind the horse and I would not be surprised if it was not a prudent "business decision" to hold the horse out. It would have been as bad as the home run race between McGwire and Sosa was for baseball if the horse had tested "hot" after winning all three. This way, I don not think that anyone is going to resent the horse enough to tell, if it was "on" something after the first two wins.