In The Hands of Experts ...

 ... or, at least, I hope so.  The Coot Scoot is at the machine shop - the Small Engine Repair Shop - where they will, hopefully, press the Boss Pin off of the crankshaft end so I can install the new Variator and get that puppy back on the road.  I COULD explain "Boss Pin" and "Variator", but I really don't want to bore you to death.

Hug you, maybe.  But never bore you.

I'm thinking we may be rather close to the posting of the videos from the Listen to Your Mother Show we did on May 6th, in Chicago. I know that Tracey and Melisa have the raw materials in hand and have actually synced up sound and video enough to be able to watch it.  Fingers crossed.

The CUBS murdalized the BREWERS last night, 10 - zip.  Dempster got his first win of the season - with an ERA of UNDER 3, it's obviously not his fault he hasn't won more.

As long as we're on to sports ... PAY FORTE!!  And that's all I'm going to say.

Annie is house sitting tonight, so I get to watch the CUBS game!!  So now I'm kinda "Yay, Cubs game" and "Boo, she's not home".  Can't win for losin'.  I really don't like sleeping alone.  I'm really looking forward to the game.  Of course, if they lose .... I'm really going to be bummed.



Mags said...

Poopy. I just tried leaving a comment twice and it didn't work. My luck, this one will. :(

Just know-I was witty in the others, LOL.

Grandmother said...

So then we can call it the cute coot scoot? Hugs back at ya!

Jientje said...

I hope the Cubs win, and that your scooter can be fixed soon, because sleeping alone and not being able to drive that scoot sucks!