Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterday, in the evening, I attended Jill Smokler's book signing at Andersens's Bookstore in Naperville, IL.  I bought a copy of her book and afterwards, met up with her and Melisa Wells and Jen Hajer for a drink or two. The funny thing is I had completely forgotten I had met her before - at BlogHer in 2009. I had taken a picture of her and Pauline Karwowski (OHMommy) - I knew who OHMommy was, but not Jill Smokler.  I know now, however.  And, actually, for some time.  I've been reading her for a long time - I just WASN'T then.  She is a lovely and vivacious woman - and I'm glad I know her.

Speaking of Melisa and Jen, I'll be seeing both of them tomorrow.  Tomorrow is LYTM, CHICAGO and Melisa is one of our producers and Jen, of course, is one of thethose who will be reading her piece to the 300 member audience.

I'm hoping I can get through this, tomorrow.  At the last rehearsal, I could barely finish my piece with out choking up.  And it's not really an emotional piece.  It's just that it's about my Mom - and me - when I was a little kid - and she was my best friend in the whole world.



Jientje said...

You will be fine, I just know that! Thinking of you.

Tara R. said...

You will rock LTYM! I'm so excited for all of you.

Grandmother said...

Nothing wrong with choking up a bit over a childhood story of your mother!

PattiKen said...

Awww... But I know you will rock the house. You just need to tap into your natural ham.

Big Mark 243 said...

I think that should you do 'catch' as you do your monologue, it will have added to, and not detract from, your performance... as I already know the answer, it was easy for me to have been correct..!