More Thinking

The last time we explored the inner resources of my brain, we were left with a Universe (perhaps improperly named - if we are part of a "Multiverse" then we are in a, and this should be called a, "Verse") which is rotating within the space-time fabric of another and larger "Verse".

This whole thought process started with a mind game - I tried to imagine what would happen if an object were able to remain stationary within the space-time fabric of our verse.  It required, obviously, suspension of belief, because it is, after all, impossible.  Nothing is or can be stationary within our verse.  But .. what if?

Anyway, that's what started me off on the whole "Part of a larger verse" thing - how there is "time' even at the center of rotation of our verse because we move through the larger verse and its fabric of space-time.

Another expression of this thought is that there must be a "minimum time" - a passage of time that is the result of our verse's movement through the larger verse - time can be faster, but never less and never zero.

But.  There is a fly in the ointment.  (You knew that, right?)

M Theory says, essentially, that we are a bubble on an 11 dimensional membrane - or Brane.  If we are a bubble on that Brane, it rather goes against the notion of rotating through a larger verse.  BUT.  (again) M Theory proposes that our 11D Brane is roughly parallel to another 11D Brane and our verse exploded into existence when our Brane, which kind of waves back and forth like laundry in the breeze, collided with a neighboring Brane.  Bang, and we are born.

Of course it COULD be that the Brane motion is the source of the Minimum Time, and we are expanding out into our Brane, rotating withing the structure of the Brane, and experiencing Brane Time plus rotation time within our verse.

At least I think so.  It could happen that way.  It could.  Right?



PattiKen said...

Whatever you say, Lou, whatever you say. You pretty much lost me at "verse."

Nan Sheppard said...

My Brane is hurting...