Neat stuff - photos tomorrow

Today is the opening day of The Masters.  Today is the opening day of the Cubs 2012 season.  In a perfect world, Tiger wins all four majors this year and the Cubs win the World Series.  In a perfect world ...

I just took my first Android Instagram shot and pushed it to Facebook and Twitter.  I feel so accomplished.  Now all I have to do is learn how to take halfway decent shots with the camera in my phone.

It seems all the IOS Intagram users (Apple iPhone) are a bit miffed because of the influx of Android users (one million downloads - first day) and their impact on the Instagram systems.  Seems things slowed down a bit for them.  Poor babies.  :(

My motorscooter arrives today.  I figure I'll have several days worth of Photo365 to publish in the next day or two, which is why there's no photo today.  That said, I may supplement with Instagrams.

I am a bit miffed that it's taking the freight carrier just as long to cover that last 15 miles to deliver my scooter as it took to get the scooter to the last terminal (Bolingbrook, IL) from California.  I SHOULD have had my scoot on Tuesday.

When I ride (before anyone asks) I wear a helmet, gloves, leather jacket and boots.  When it's warm, I'll wear a denim jacket instead of leather.  And yes, I took the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course - and passed.  I used to ride a big cycle - a scooter is going to be ... simpler.

Our Chicago Edition of Listen To Your Mother is sold out!!  300 seats and they are all gone.  Amazing.  The show will be May 6th at 7pm at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater in Chicago. I gotta pee.


I know I didn't post a picture today ... but ...
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Big Mark 243 said...

I miss my old scooter... sometimes I think about purchasing one and then I always have a flash of intense pain and a vision of hospital rooms and badly broken bones... so I get over that...

...wish that I could see your performance... I'd have to pee if I knew I was going to perform before a packed house after a layoff too..!

PattiKen said...

I know you will be a very safe scooter rider. But PLEASE be on the lookout for all the idiots out there who are surrounded by much more steel that you) who are horrible drivers, are possibly too old to be driving, and even worse, have poor eyesight. And to top it off, they may have been drinking. If you meet up, that's not a battle you can win. So please be careful.

Tara R. said...

I don't understand the Android v iPhone feud. I was glad to see so many of my friends joining Instagram.

I hope your scooter shows up soon.