Monday Meanders

As of tomorrow, there'll be 5 days left until LYTM in Chicago.  5.  So many people don't know what LTYM is, so many people are unprepared for the experience we are going to thrust upon them, so many people just don't really know.  But they will.  My goodness, they will.

Meanwhile, #3 Son has but two days before his first stage experience with the Cardinal Chorus of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois.  Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm in Wentz Hall.  I wonder if he's nervous. 

I'm nervous FOR him.

Cubs lost this evening.  But for Volstad's bad first inning, they would have won.  At least the score wasn't 5 - 1.

Apparently, all the TV news organizations have been playing Julia Hudson's 911 call, which she made upon discovering her mother's body, over and over and over again.  What on earth makes them think that anyone beyond the Police Department has any rightful interest in hearing the recording of that call?

We are so driven by our media - media directors decide what you and I will see, or NOT see, based on what they perceive as being "good for the ratings".  Truth and fact checking have given way to sensationalism and fostering a point of view.  "Yellow Journalism", a scourge in the 1930's, is no longer seen as such.  They call it "Fair and Balanced".



kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I wish I could come to LYTM.

How awesome would it be?

Thankfully we haven't heard the 911 call on the news here. I can't honestly see why any one but the police need to either. Horrific.

Big Mark 243 said...

Yellow journalism... if it bleeds it leads..!

I think it is because of the lowered standards for what makes news and what the education levels of the news consumer is that makes for such shoddy journalism... though, there was MUCH interest in the Lindberg baby...

...jus' sayin'... the alarming tendency to think that what is happening "now" is the worst it has ever been and that the "past" was some idyllic time of innocence is as deadly to balance opinion as anything that I know...