Disrupted Routine

Over time, I had developed a routine - there were things to do almost every day on my blog.  Then, just before Christmas, my Thursday habit was disrupted and echoes of that disruption bounced through the rest of the week.

Velvet Verbosity announced she was taking off for a few weeks - for the Holidays.

I was tempted to take over, temporarily, the "100 Word Challenge", as I had done previously, when "Velvet" was incapacitated and unable to manage the meme.  But this time, I didn't.  I thought it would be a short layoff - and I was busy - much busier than I had been before when I took it over - so I felt I would be better off if I kept hands off.

I really enjoyed doing the 100's.  Some of those things were pretty good.  And the other people who used to do the challenge were pretty good themselves.  The stuff they produced was interesting, varied and worthwhile.

I miss the "100 Word Challenge".   I miss having something regular to do on Thursdays.



Tara R. said...

I miss Vel and the 100 too. We had a nice, cozy community.

Teresa said...

I agree...I miss it, too!!

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...



Yes I am a 5 year old.