Small Boxes, Photo365, Day 83

Surprising things come in boxes that appear to be too small for what they really are. Annie made a trip, last night, to IKEA to buy a lamp for her office. It come home in a box about the size that Amazon ships books in. And it's a floor lamp.

I guess the old "Can't judge a book by its cover" is true. But then, I've always known that - it's just that sometimes that old saw is verified in unexpected ways.

I'm hoping that today I'll be able to go out and roam around taking pictures. I need more fodder for my Photo365.

Speaking of ...

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Big Mark 243 said...

That looks like a place I would have imagined myself and Snoopy making our way back to our unit in France during WW II...

kelley @ magnetobodltoo said...

I have yet to experience, what I am gathering is, the joy of IKEA yet.

I like the idea of opening a box and a million things come out, like the shopping equivalent of a clown car.