It Shipped, Photo365, Day 88

I drive more than 80 miles a day, 5 days a week. At about 25 miles per gallon, it costs a bit more than 3 gallons of gas a day to get me there and back. And, of course, there's tolls (although taking the tollway IS voluntary) that amount to about 4 dollars a day. With gas now at better than 4 bucks a gallon, it costs at least $17.00 a day for me to drive to work and back.

I just bought a motor scooter to take back and forth to work. It's 250cc, legal on the freeway/tollway, gets about 80 miles to the gallon, and if I can drive it back and forth to work for three days in a week, I'll save more than $30 that week. If I stay off the tollway, I'll save even more.

I used to have a motorcycle - a large Honda Shadow - an 1100cc V-Twin Cruiser. I loved riding then - I love riding now. A neighbor recently sold an old Honda Nighthawk that I test rode a number of times and I was reminded, sharply, just how much I enjoy having a motor under me. I know how to ride, I took the Motorcycle Safety Class from the State of Illinois. Scooters, however, are much easier to ride than a true motorcycle - I'm anxious to get back on two wheels.

The purchase was made last week from a company in California. Last night I checked my account record and saw that my scooter has shipped (the shipping is free - or at least, built into the price). I will wait until the scooter is here, my part of the setup is done, and I've had a chance to ride the scooter and assess the quality before I tell you anything about the place I bought it and how much it cost and so on.

In these times of high gas prices, two wheel riding is a viable alternative to paying too much money for too much gas. I believe it's something that more of us ought to explore. Just be careful of what you buy and where.

The old one lane bridge

To be reincarnated as a wooden decked foot bridge.


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Tara R. said...

Now "Born to Be Wild' is stuck in my head. Be careful Easy Rider and wear a helmet.

Life with Kaishon said...

My brother in law almost died on one. My coworkers brother was killed on one. Bikes scare me. I am glad you can save so much money though. Be careful. I know it really isn't you, it's the other drivers we have to worry about, right?