Monday Meanders 2-6-12, Photo365, Day 37

SuperBowl was good. I did NOT watch the half-time show, and I missed most of the first half, but what I DID see was good. Oh. As for halftime show? I'm entertained by football. Personally, I think halftime should be long enough for the team to line up at the opposite end of the field and kick off. And the only thing good about Madonna is that she used to wear interesting underwear.

It figures that the really warm day comes one day too late. I have to sit in the office and watch a 50 degree go by and I can't get on my bike and ride. *whine*

At least when I CAN ride I get to ride a really cool bike. *smirk*

#2 son and his wife, Bitsy, now live much closer to the old homestead. I'll get to see much more of both of them. At least for a while. *big grin*

#3 son STILL hasn't found the "motivation button" - he still doesn't get the grades we know he's capable of. Someday, I hope. *chagrined smile*

The more I learn about this new camera (Canon 60D) the better I like and love it. It is amazing. *toothy grin*

We in Plainfield, IL, are lucky to have a Heron Rookery which occupies the site of an old quarry. Actually, there are three different species which nest here - Herons, Blue Herons and Egrets - and when they aren't around, like during the winter, Canadian Geese flock to the open water that sometimes appears during the Winter, along with ducks and the occasional swan. The photo below shows that not all geese find the open water.

Photo365, Day 37


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Jientje said...

Super Bowl is a great event where you are eh? I'm glad you enjoyed it. Son #3 is always going to make you worry I suppose, that's how he is, no? I'm glad you get to see your other son and his wife a little bit more. Counting the days until I get my Big Guy back, it's just not the same without him!

Tara R. said...

The best part of the halftime show was following the reaction to it on Twitter... brutal.

I hope you get more warm days so you can ride your bike more often.

Big Mark 243 said...

I hope the weather is breaking in your neck of the woods as it seems to here in the midlands...

Madonna looks like what you get when a 50-year old prances around like she is half that... if it was for a stage production or a musical, I think she did well... but I fear her best days are long gone and by...

... it WAS a very good full game..!