Monday Meanders 2-20-12

I am STILL sick. I am taking the day off I promised myself for Photo365 (not 366). I'm afraid there's not going to be any meandering today. I'm just tired, drained and I have ZERO mojo.



maggie said...

:( Feel better, Lou!

Shadow said...

sleep, chicken soup and lots of hugs and kisses should sort you out?!?!

Tara R. said...

Take a nap, drink a nice, hot cuppa chamomile and have some chicken soup. Hope you're feeling better soon.

(Even you WV is sympathetic, one of my words was 'suffering')

Wait. What? said...

Lou its going on a week now, I hope you feel better soon, if not ( at the rtisk of sounding like a mother - here it goes): go see your doctor.


P.S. Your bike misses you.