Auto Show, Photo365, Day 43

Yesterday, LM (Love Muffin) and I went to the Chicago Auto Show - still the largest and best attended Auto Show in the country. We were there for HOURS. My feet were killing me by the time we left. But I got to see some stuff I'd never seen before - like the 1938 Cadillac Staff Car the General Patton was killed in, near the end of WWII.

All the new stuff at the show was fine and dandy - but the old stuff at the show was memorable. The photo below is of a 1927 Pontiac Oakland. I have never seen one before. It's beautiful.


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Jientje said...

Shiny as new, what a gorgeous car!

Tara R. said...

My menfolk would love this car show! That is a gorgeous car.

PattiKen said...

Yours and mine both, Tara.