Monday Meanders 1-9-12

TEBOW!!! The kid's pretty darn good. One only hopes that he learns to trust in his own skills and competencies and realizes that God ain't got nuthin' to do with it. I'm willing to bet good money that God don't give two shits about how Tim Tebow's football games turn out - He doesn't help - He doesn't aid - He doesn't guide the ball into a receiver's hands. Please, Little Timmy. Cut it out. We all know you're a good Christian little boy. Just stop it. Take some credit for what you do. Because it's you that did it. Not Him.

On a more realistic note ...

Today is the first day back to work after a nice week of vacation. Nothing could be as restful. This will be the last "staycation" for a while. A long while.

I made a trip out to the diner over the weekend, and took more pictures. The old Western Clock Co. (Westclox) factory, there in Peru, Illinois, was set alight by a couple of teenagers recently, and the diner is close by that old factory. I needed to make sure it was okay. What I found was that someone had set a fire in one small section of the diner which burned the wooden window frame out of the metal shell of the diner. I don't know how long ago that might have happened - I don't think it was coincident with the factory fire. But it was recent.

Between posting pictures here and on 365project.org, and writing blog posts every day, this is getting to be rather time consuming. I gotta figure this out. The only thing I can afford to do right now is MAYBE crop a photo, and render it B&W. There is no time to learn to be better at Photoshop - and that was supposed to be, at least in MY mind, part of the reason for doing a Photo365.

I love my new camera. It is SO cool. Tonight, weather permitting, I'm going to take some shots of the moon - just to see how that all works out.

LM (Love Muffin) has been ill the last couple of days. Y'all send her big sloppy kisses, okay? Just look for "Annie Lohman" on Facebook.

Nobody's Home - Redux part 2 - Photo365 Day 9



Big Mark 243 said...

Well, you know that I have strong feelings with regard to Tim Tebow. For a faith cat such as he, all that strengthens him is done with God as a conduit, so he cannot help but link one to the other. As for me and my relationship to his faith and my own philosophy... if the cat can get to where he is going and it is the same place I am heading, then lets go! I got his back because I know he has my front!!

His (apparent, cause I don't know him) character and personality drives him and he can and does inspire people... whether teammates shout it out from the heights or no, I think in middle-age I am good enough a judge to recognize such things and Tim Tebow has the qualities that you want in whoever is leading the gang...

(off soapbox)

Sorry to hear about LM... hope she gets better soon... New England is beatable... if Denver had to face any of the NFC playoff teams, they could not stand it... but that is fate... chance... luck... or 'whatever'..!

My Mother used to rise and shine to a Westclox clock..!

PattiKen said...

Knew it!

Give LM my love and tell her to get better (but not before milking her malaise for all it's worth).

Have Myelin? said...

I became a Bronco fan during the Orange Crush era along with my kids since we lived in Colorado. Sunday afternoon was "our time". We were not football fiends, merely Bronco fans.

My son came over yesterday to watch the game. We've resumed our tradition after giving it up for some time due to my daughter's death.

The town we live in is known to be extremely religious due to the presence of Focus on the Family and they have close ties to the Broncos. Remember the Superbowl Ad last year? (we get to listen to all the LOCAL watercooler talk, not you guys lol) After they ran that expensive ad featuring Tebow they laid off 110 workers in Sept. They have since then had another layoff. Niceeeee..... the cost of the ad would have kept those FOTF employees EMPLOYED.

Quite frankly, Tebow has ruined the Bronco game for many local fans. It's become a religious game rather than a Bronco game.

People are "Tebowing" or doing the pointing to the sky thing. It's like they've come up with a new kind of "cheer".

If this keeps up (the Tebowing) I'm done with the Broncos until they take religion out of the game.

And the prayer circles whenever a Bronco player becomes injured - why don't they do their prayer circles when the opposing team gets injured? Are they not worthy of prayer circles? A pat on the back is not the same as a prayer circle.

I am not anti-religion at all. I simply know God doesn't have time for football.

Okay I've said too much.

Jientje said...

I hope Annie gets well soon. Take good care of her eh, I know how much she means to you.

Tara R. said...

I do believe that Tebow is genuine. He was the same way while he played here at Florida. I say whatever it takes, but once his public genuflections took on more importance than his inward beliefs, maybe it's time to be more private with his gratitude.

Matthew 6:5-6

I hope LM is feeling better very soon.