Monday Meanders 1-23-12, Photo365 Day 23

Pats vs Giants in the SuperBowl. Ho Hum.

26 days until pitches and catchers report - for most people. There are, apparently, a few teams that don't report until the 23rd. That's just mean.

The start of Spring training means it's just that much closer to the start of bicycling season. I am SO looking forward to it. New bike and all, you know ... PLUS, hopefully, people will become interested in buying bicycles from me - used, yes, but in good repair and properly tuned, ready to be ridden by new owners.

President Clinton, seen at the golf tournament over the weekend, looks a little frail to me. He's beginning to look old, and a bit tired. I hope he's well.

I forgot the Linky Tool for the photo, yesterday. *channeling Lou Costello* I'm a baaaaad boy.

You DO remember Lou Costello, right? You know ... "Who's on First?" Costello?

Anyway, this is the weirdest January weather I've seen in a long time. There are thunderstorms, right now, as I write this on Sunday evening for Monday publication, and it's JANUARY - and, since the Sun went down, it's gotten 4 degrees warmer. It's in the high 30's. And it's JANUARY. Last Friday, we had our first serious snowstorm of the year. And it's the end of JANUARY. WTF?

I am seriously in love with HD TV. That said, it's possible some of you may not have HD TV yet. If you're considering a purchase, take my advice - LED TV with at least 120hz refresh rate.

The picture below just says cold and windy, to me:


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Tara R. said...

It looks cold and wintry to me too. Brrr. I shouldn't complain about my 50-degree weather.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tree.

Jientje said...

The weather has been crazy around here too. No snow, just rain ...
I'd love to have some snow, at least that's photogenic!

maggie said...

Brr! Cold and windy, indeed. We had that here today, too.