Skiving Today

I have the sweetest friend who lives in Scotland, and when she takes a day off of work it's called "Skiving". Being a person who enjoys the vagaries of the English language in whatever form they take, I have adopted this word as my own. In fact, over time I seem to have adopted many mannerisms of speech whose origin is in the modern U.K.


I'm skiving this day because the bed is coming and LM (Love Muffin) is taking Grannie out and about to keep several different appointments. So I get to meet and greet the new bed. (heh heh) And see to its installation. And I already know what my Sleep Number is. I may have to take a nap. Seriously.

Afterwards, I have to figure out what to do with myself. Oh. Well. I do have to go to the Post Office to mail the hat that Brandie of Journey of 1000 Stitches bought from Grannie's Etsy Shop. Go look.

And have a pleasant Thursday.



Amy said...

Enjoy your 'skiving'..! And I hope the new bed lives up to expectations..! x.

Tara R. said...

That is a great word! Hope you enjoy your nap.

PattiKen said...

Happy skiving. I looked up "skive" and wikipedia has an entry. Be sure to do your skiving with the first definition and avoid that second one...

Ann Imig said...

Someday I will have a day like this. I remember them, barely.

And then I will miss my days like today.

Because life is just like that.