Monday Meanders 12-5

Bears. How many days is it until Spring Training starts? 75, by my calculations. I'm just sayin'.

I hate weekends where I don't have hardly a minute to myself. This last weekend was one of those. Nothing I had PLANNED to do was what I wound up doing. First - our refrigerator broke, so Friday evening was spent in search of a new one. Saturday was spent shopping - again, not my choice. And then Sunday the new refrigerator was delivered - two hours BEFORE promised - so processes which should have been done at a more leisurely, but at least orderly, pace, were done in a panic.

And then the Bears lost.

At least Tiger won. There was, at least, that.

The end result, of course, is now we have a nice new refrigerator. I had to trim the bottom of a cabinet in order to get it to fit (who knew?) and the floor under the old refrigerator was not the best tended to over the last 22 years (the new fridge has wheels which makes it VERY easy to move) so it required some heavy duty cleaning. And the installers were THERE. Like I said. In a panic.

The good thing about switching out refrigerators is that there's an automatic 'cleaning', and 'thinning of the herd' that takes place. There's a lot fewer 'science experiments' in the new refrigerator. In fact, there are none. Now.

Who knows? Buying the new refrigerator could have saved someone's life.

I got a couple of miles in on the bike over the weekend. Had to. It just feels so good when I do.

I'm thinking about doing a Photo365. I will not, however, start a new or offshoot blog - I'll just include the photo in each day's post. Sometime's it may be the only think posted on a day - like Wordless Wednesday, for example. Other times it will be part of the day's post - and sometimes it will be a separate part of the day's post. January 1st. We'll see.



Jientje said...

Photo365 sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to see more pictures of you. I have been thinking about using heavenin365 again and post a picture each day again as well. But I'm not sure yet. I would have to change my own rules which were just a little bit too strict. Maybe, just maybe ...

Shadow said...

i HATE weekends like those too. you have my sympathy, although all seems to have worked out okay?!?!

Tara R. said...

A new 365 project would be great for us. You take wonderful photos.

PattiKen said...

You have my sympathies. Did the refrigerator thing in Florida lasy year. But not before the freezer was a gooey mess of melted miscellanea.

Looking forward to your photo365.