Monday Meanders 12-26-11

Bears :( :( :( No playoffs. Wait 'til next year. Oh. Wait. Now I sound like a Cubs fan. Oh. Wait. I AM a Cubs fan. Thank goodness for the Blackhawks. And the Bulls.

Christmas, yesterday, was spent with close friends and family. Food was eaten, presents were distributed (all three sons in the same place at the same time, one of my favorite things to have happen),and children were entertained by new Wii and XBox games.

No work, today. A holiday - it's what happens a holiday falls on a weekend. At least that's they way it gets played where I work. Tomorrow it's back to work for four days and then there's a three day weekend followed immediately by four days of vacation and then another weekend. Oh goody. Really.

I have a new camera to use in my attempt at Photo365, starting January 1st. I'm going to need those days off coming up to study my new camera and learn how to use it effectively. It does movies, too. I have had this little project in mind that involves audio and video - a vlog - and it MAY be a repeat of a post I did some time ago about the Eastland Disaster, which occurred in the Chicago River in 1915. Except you'll hear me, and see me, reciting the piece, as well as some visual effects added, as well.

I hope your Christmas was as good for you as our Christmas here, at Lohman Central, was for us.



Jientje said...

You have a lot to look forward to! And so do I, can't wait to see and hear you again!