Monday Meanders 11-7

Bears - tonight. The Eagles and Michael Vick come to town. Big test.

The Cubs have hired Theo Epstein, as anyone who hasn't been under a rock would know by now. He, in turn, has hired Hoyer as GM and McCleod as V.P.,Player Development. The Boston Holy Trilogy has been reassembled in Chicago. This is a major change for the Cubs, who have always had one of the smallest front office groups in the Majors. Big test. Sink or swim, Theo. Sink or swim.

I now possess a Spin Doctor Essential II Work Stand. This will be the tool which makes it much easier to work on bikes. Speaking of bikes, I now have eight bikes of my own and one neighbor's bike in my garage. They all need some form of repair or other, and I'm going to spend the Winter getting them all ready for the Spring, when riding season re-commences in the Midwest.

Rumor has it there may be a bicycle in my stocking for Christmas. heh. A new one. That I don't have to fix - just maintain. Sweet.

Is is just me - or did yesterday seem to drag on forever for you, too? Mini jet lag, you suppose? Can that happen with just one hour of time offset?

This year, like every year, I'm faced with a dilemma - what to get LM (Love Muffin). Especially since Christmas is so soon after her birthday - which is ten short little days from now. Oy.

I love the English - I love their expressions. "Blimey" "Wonky" "Mate" "Cheers" Last evening I was reminded of my very favorite Englishism: They say, when a business fails, or process goes defunct - they say it's "Gone titsup". I think that is so luridly descriptive.



Nan Sheppard said...

My sister was here with her beautiful baby, and we were discussing breastfeeding difficulties. I said, "If it all goes tits up," and we totally rolled around laughing. Now I think of Ailis' boobs when I hear that expression.

PattiKen said...

Vick? Lock up the dogs.

Sink or swim, Epstein? Well he can swim (he is credited with breaking the curse of the Bambino, after all), but apparently he tires after a while...

How many bikes? Oooh, I can hear LM all the way over here.

And me too on the Brits. Just last night on Masterpiece Theatre: "Are you going all wobbly on me?" and "You not playing silly buggers, are you?"

Tara R. said...

Yesterday did seem to last forever! I kept looking at the clock and it seemed to be standing still.

Hope you can stay on Santa's Good List to get your new bike.