Monday Meanders 11-28

Bears bit it. Even so, at the end of the game they had a chance to win. They will win out the rest of the way. They will. And if I keep telling myself that ...

I am currently reading "Shades of Grey", by Jasper Fforde. I do love his writing. There is yet another Thursday Next novel, now, as well. "We're Missing One of Our Thursdays" is his latest, and there are two sequels planned to the Shades of Grey story. If you love imaginative writing like I do, you owe it to yourself to find Jasper Fforde and read him.

Just read him in order. It will make more sense if you do. Trust me.

So you'll have to look up his stuff and find out the order of publication.

I'm about halfway through the re-write of "Sarah" - as you might expect, there's a bit of new material now, much of it written to tie the 'episodes' together. It's better, I think, than it was. So far.

I am also getting ready to pick up the thread with "One Knight's Story". Gwalchmei has sat on his duff too long and it's time to put him and his swords back to work.

I watched "The Return of the King" yesterday evening - I had watched "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Towers" the evening before, because I knew I would want to watch the Bears game yesterday afternoon and the last of the trilogy was going to start late enough that I could get the game in. As it turned out, it worked out perfectly.

Well, it's the start of yet another work week and we're downhill into the Holidays, so let me be the first to say, "Merry Christmas".



Big Mark 243 said...

Got to love it when television falls into place like that... a little bit of serendipity, no?

How many games doe the Bears have against the Packers..? That would throw a crimp in their 'winning out', I think.

Look forward to 'Sarah'. As Bart Scott may be wont to say, "Can't wait!"

Tara R. said...

I was hoping LOTR would inspire you to bring back The Knight. I really have enjoyed that story line.