Monday Meanders 11-21

BEARS!!! However - it may well be that Cutler is lost for the season with a broken thumb. Bad news. Really bad news. Caleb Hanie (backup QB) is good - but untested. Oy.

I know I promised pictures today - but today will have to be tomorrow - I just haven't had time. That said, The "Craftsman Experience" was a LOT of fun - the was an amazing array of bloggers there - and even a TV star. Like I said, pictures tomorrow.

There are new pictures up on Grannie's Etsy Shop for the things which she has had posted all along. The new pictures are, perhaps, a bit better than what was up there before.

Go look.



Big Mark 243 said...

A TV star..? Local or bigger than that..?

I did not see Cutler get hurt... that is too bad... Martz seemed to be in a groove with his play calls and keeping Jay safe...

Oh well... looks like the Lions will win at least a wild-card game..!