Tooze Day

Yesterday, my mother sold her first hat on Etsy. Mind you, it's not the first hat she's sold - there were three others sold recently to members of a certain Group from Facebook (Greater Chicagoland Blogger Meetup) and it was those sales which finally convinced Grannie to open up her own Etsy shop.

So now? Now I pimp Grannie every opportunity I get. I may become boring because of this. If you detect a boring sameness in me as this goes forward, be sure to let me know. I can't guarantee it'll make any difference, but at least I'll know you're paying attention. :)

I picked up a new bike yesterday. Free. The guy just wanted it out of his garage. It's a Pacific SE 2000 R - a mountain bike with 26" tires, full suspension, and appears to be in pretty good shape. I'm gonna clean it up, tune it up, and put a comfort saddle on it. Then I'm going to sell it. I LOVE free inventory.

While on my way to pick up the bike, I drove past a round barn - one of the few in Illinois - and I'm going to go down and take pictures of it this weekend. I understand there's a good chance that it is scheduled to be demolished and I want to make sure I get pictures of it before it's torn down.

Oh. One more thing. If you're a bike rider, as I have become in recent days, besides sunscreen and proper clothing, remember to ride with your mouth closed. I'm just sayin'.



Big Mark 243 said...

LOL... You must have you mouth open as wide as Lake Michigan when you are on your bike..! It is funny, because I have heard about that being a problem, it has not been one for me!

Go on and pimp Grannie..! Don't be surprised if something 'catches' and it becomes a little cottage industry...

Good luck on the refurbishing of the Pacific..! Hope you get what you put in it, back out in the sale..!

Tara R. said...

You give props to Grannie as much as you want. It's great that she has your support.

Grandmother said...

The hat and scarf of Granny that you mentioned yesterday also sound interesting! The holidays are coming and the prices are good.

Kim - Mommycosm said...

Totally love the scarf on her Etsy page. Go, Grannie! Shared the link on Facebook.


PattiKen said...

Yep. Best to get you protein at the dinner table.

And just keep on promoting Grannie as much as she'll allow. She deserves it.