Stay away from Sol

There's a mild dilemma one faces these days. It's no biggie. It's not like crossing the street without looking. It's not like driving eastbound down the westbound side of the highway. It's not anything immediate, like those things.

It's a bit more subtle. Slow acting. Insidious.

The dilemma is the need for the Sun. The Sun produces Vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D is vital to many processes in our bodies, and deficiency is a serious problem. Which is why we have Vitamin D added to our milk. To make sure there's a ready source of 'D' for our population.

Just like Iodine is added to salt. For the same reason. To forestall potential health issues that arise from a deficiency.

The dilemma is that though we need the Sun and we need the Vitamin D the Sun kicks up in our bodies, exposure to the Sun can kill us. Eventually.


Our skin is the largest organ we possess. The Sun can, and often does, cause cancer, and cancer precursors, in our skin.

Actinic Keratosis, a rough spot in the skin, is a cancer precursor.

Age spots, which are accumulations of melanin in the skin, can become melanoma. A dangerous cancer.

Lumps, bumps, spots and moles, all need to be checked out. Especially if you notice "changes".

Kept under surveillance.

So they don't kill you.

So the next time you do your breast self-exam (men, too), look yourself over in the mirror. Have your significant other check out your back and areas you can't easily see. Or your Doctor, should you be a loner.

Don't get caught with your pants down, so to speak.

Stay on top of things, so to speak.

I did. I am.

My pants are UP.



Lisa said...

I chuckled at the title when I saw this in my reader b/c we have a professor here named Sol and he was outside of my office when I read it. And he's a whistler. I don't like people who whistle in quiet spaces-it's a happy sound, but also inconsiderate.

Tangent...sorry. :)

Grandmother said...

Great advice, especially to we fair folks.

Tara R. said...

I've had my annual knead-n-squeeze this month, and because my daughter has had two suspicious moles biopsied, I keep close watch on any changes in my own skin. You have to be proactive.

Big Mark 243 said...

Useful PSA... many of your readers (yours truly among them) should be aware of these clues not only in ourselves but in our significant others and those we care about as well...

PattiKen said...

And keep in mind that skin cancer may run in your family. If you have family members who have had skin cancer, be especially vigilant. And wear a good sunblock, everywhere, all the time. Husband Bill has had caught many early skin cancers.